Women’s Equality Coming Full Circle? 5 Ways of Making it Happen

In some ways it seems as if the women’s movement is moving forward at a rapid pace. Everywhere you look women are in the workforce and in positions of authority in ways we could have only dreamed…even 20 years ago. However, I think one thing our fellow entrepreneurial women need to  gain strength and power from…

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Big Fish Chronicle: Get Prepared for Life Altering Changes

Rachael Atamian participates in the first 2016 Big Fish group, the Stargazers, and chronicles her adventures. The next installment in my Big Fish adventure continues with learning how to change my negative self talk. What a relief. When you start changing the way you think about the world, you are changing your experience in it….

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5 Back to School Tips for Entrepreneurs

It’s hard to believe it’s almost back-to-school time already!  I can feel the excitement in the air as kids get ready to start a new school year, and their parents get ready for a different routine. As I help my daughter prepare for going back to school, I’ve been thinking about ways I can have…

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